Endorsed Organizations

Below are organizations/projects that we proudly endorse. We believe their work is important to the life and well-being of the church and that they contribute to the our mission to “encourage, promote, and eliven” the church’s song. The list is in chronological order based on the date our endorsement took effect.*


  • Passport Camps – Passport has a strong reputation for well-run, creative, Christian camps for children and youth. Their camps include moving, theologically stretching worship, experiential Bible study, hands-on mission experiences for youth, and mission education for children.


  • Break Into Song – A series of free, “how-to” videos by Hilary Seraph Donaldson to give church leaders the confidence to teach new songs and integrate them creatively in worship.



Summer Institute of Church Music, The Hymn Society, Hymns, Congregational Song, Canada


*Want us to endorse your organization? Contact Brian Hehn at brian@thehymnsociety.org to inquire about the process.