COVID-19 Hymns

The Hymn Society has received several new hymns written by individuals in response to the ongoing pandemic. We are including them here listed in the order in which they were sent.


Eternal Lord, Who Calmed the Waves         MELITA

Scott L. Barton, 2020                                             John Bacchus Dykes, 1861

Eternal Lord, who calmed the waves,
We look to you this day to save;
Across the world, we live in fear
And yearn for when we might be clear
Of danger none with eyes can see,
That now has brought us to our knees.

To Lazarus, “Come out!” you called,
To those who cried, you’d not withhold
A word to banish evil’s power—
So thus we cry to you this hour
To heal a world so ill at ease
From what has brought us to our knees.

O Lord, who lives to break down walls,
By meeting not, we’re all appalled,
And yearn for when, no longer bound,
Our friends and neighbors we’ll surround
With handshakes, hugs, again at ease,
When you will strengthen feeble knees.

O Trinity of love and power,
All healers guard in danger’s hour;
Protect them as they treat and care
For all your people, here and there,
Thus praises e’er will rise to thee
From all who pray on bended knee.


A Coronavirus Hymn
© Graham D S Deans (Also registered with CCLI. Please report usage.)

As now a global crisis
Has brought us to our knees,
We pray for those affected
By illness and disease.
Amid their pain and suffering
Anxieties abound;
They look in vain for comfort
As help cannot be found.

When nations are in lockdown
And few can get about,
Their desperation deepens
As faith gives way to doubt.
Our homes become like prisons
In which to be confined;
And many now are fearful
About their state of mind.

O Lord, enthroned in Heaven
Beyond our mortal gaze,
Give now to all the courage
To face these troubled days.
We long for liberation,
And pray for our release
When Christ shall come amongst us
To speak His word of peace.

26-27 March 2020

Suggested tune: AURELIA  by Samuel Sebastian Wesley, 1810-1876


Hear, Holy Mother

Anna Bendiksen shares this hymn, performed here at her home parish.


We Ask Your Presence
© 2020 Fred Gramann
tune: ST ANNE

We ask your presence as our home
Becomes our worship space
Help us to feel connected still
By your abiding grace.

Whether we be alone this day
With spouse, friends, family;
We pray the Spirit still will join
Our faith community.

We pray for those who heal the sick,
In hopes of health renewed;
For those who meet our daily needs
Of medicine and food.

Lord, keep us safely from all harm
Through days and weeks to come,
As we long for that Sabbath when
Our church welcomes us home.


We’re All in This Together
Can be sung to the hymn tune, AURELIA, Presbyterian Hymnal  #442, The Church’s One Foundation and #321 in the Glory to God Hymnal.

Sheer heartbreak heaped on heartbreak, From nature’s fury made,
A tiny little virus tremendous power displayed.
This outbreak leaves us shocked and we strive to understand
What brought such pain and havoc abroad and in our land.

The cancelled fun vacations, the end of this school year,
Leave us in isolation, in turmoil and in fear.
Our hearts go out to all those whose future is unsure.
May families find the strength and the courage to endure.

We yearn to be together to share our joys and woes,
And yet by staying home our compassion truly shows
How much we love each other and want for each the best.
In fellowship deferred, we find hope and we are blessed.

We weep with those who weep and we pray:  “Lord, meet their needs.”
We long to be good neighbors; we want to do good deeds.
To offer hope and help, we take off’rings to give aid,
And for relief and solace, we fervently have prayed.

These burdens are so heavy; they seem too much to bear,
And yet Your love sustains us and shows us that You care.
O Lord, You are our rock, our redeemer, and our friend,
You offer us the promise of life that knows no end.

Copyrighted © 2020  by Carol J. Clarke.  Permission is granted for use in non-commercial settings, especially worship services including those live streamed.


“This sudden Sabbath gives us pause” – a response to the Coronavirus crisis

This sudden Sabbath gives us pause
to rest and to reflect.
What is the focus of our lives
and what is its effect?
We live within a common world,
whatever race or creed;
for things maintaining life and health,
we share a common need.

For some a love of God becomes the
centre of their prayer,
but such a love’s a hollow boast
when neighbours have no care.
The early Christians took the lead
of Jesus as their style,
to hold in common all they had,
to go the second mile.

When people safe-guard all they have,
while others queue in fear,
when those who have are given more,
while hunger’s drawing near;
where is our faith, our common love,
as cries become more stark,
when poverty crowds round our door,
the future clouded, dark?

Now is the moment for us all
to live what we confess,
to live within community
the faith that we profess.
Then let us stand as one with all
we share a common birth,
that on until eternity
love holds each life on earth.

Andrew Pratt 18/3/2020 – In response to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Words © 2020 Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England,

Please include any reproduction for local church use on your CCL Licence returns. All wider and any commercial use requires prior application to Stainer & Bell Ltd.


We Will Get Through This Storm
Stephen Pishner has written this hymn in response to the pandemic.


We Are Gathered
text by Amanda Udis-Kessler, 2020; tune: Nettleton (Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing)

We are gathered in the Spirit though our bodies are apart,
Filled with joy and touched with wonder, separate hands but mingled hearts
Giving thanks and singing praises for the love that calls us on.
From our many different places we are gathered into one.

We are gathered in our sorrow. We are gathered in our fear,
In our pain and in our worry, in our anger and our tears.
As we tend to one another with our gifts and with our care,
Our community is strengthened through the faith and hope we share.

We are gathered in commitment to a planet that is whole.
Works of justice, acts of kindness bless the world and heal our souls.
As our voices join together, may our song of peace resound.
May we offer in abundance all the grace that we have found.

Sheet Music


Psalm 46

God be with us in our troubles.
Mountains tremble, waters writhe,
All the earth seems wracked, exhausted,
All around pandemics rage.
God our hope, our strength, our refuge.
Be with us to face the dawn.

In complacency and comfort,
We refused to see the signs.
Never truly paying attention,
Closing off our hearts and minds.
In despair we kneel, now humbled.
Waiting, list’ning for Your voice.

“Be still and know that I am God.
Calm your fears and turn to Me.
I, exalted of the nations.
I, exalted of the earth.
I am with you now and all days.
Turn to Me and be not afraid.”

87 87 87

Music: French carol (17th century)
Words and Arrangement: Madonna Byrkeland 4/30/2020