Planned Giving

Membership dues cover only a small percentage of the annual budget of The Hymn Society and The Center for Congregational Song. The remainder of our support comes from program fees, royalties, and gifts from members and friends. We invite you to consider how you can plan your giving, both now and in the future, to assure that this important work can continue and grow.

Gifts Now

Although most gifts are given from current income either online or by cash or check, there are additional tax advantages from giving a gift of appreciated stock. In your retirement years, you might also consider donating from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) through a Qualified Charitable Contribution (QCD), which also offers additional tax benefits. Be sure to consult a professional tax consultant for advice, but if you have any questions about gifting opportunities, please contact us at

Gifts Later

Life Insurance. Maybe you established a life insurance policy years ago for the benefit of children or other loved ones and now the beneficiaries no longer will need that benefit. You can simply contact your insurance provider and name The Hymn Society in the US and Canada as a percentage beneficiary of that policy.

Retirement Accounts. Do you know that your retirement accounts (401(k), 403(b), IRA) include beneficiary designation just like an insurance policy? Providing an end-of-life gift is simple. Contact your retirement account administrator and ask to update your beneficiary designation form and add The Hymn Society in the US and Canada as a percentage beneficiary. This is a very tax-efficient way to offer a gift. If this asset passes to loved ones, they will need to pay tax on the gift. But 100% of the money going to a charitable organization from a traditional retirement account will benefit the charity. It is not taxed!

Last Will and Testament and Revocable Trusts. You may include a gift to The Hymn Society in the US and Canada in these documents. If you don’t currently have a will, now is a very good time to contact a local attorney and execute your end-of-life documents. If you have not reviewed these documents in the last five years, please do so now and consider adding a gift to The Hymn Society.

Life Income Gifts. Do you know that there are other ways to make a gift, receive a tax benefit for giving it, maintain a stream of income for as long as you live and then provide a gift to The Hymn Society at the end of your life? Both a Charitable Gift Annuity and Charitable Trust make this possible and could be a great opportunity for you.

Designation of Copyright or Royalties. For members who hold copyright to texts, tunes, or other works, you can arrange to transfer the copyrights or designate all or a portion of your royalties for The Hymn Society upon your death. This is a wonderful way for creators and scholars of congregational song to continue supporting our important work.

The George H. Shorney Legacy Circle

George H. Shorney, FHS, has inspired the creation of The Hymn Society’s Legacy Circle by his staunch and generous support. Shorney joined the family business, Hope Publishing Company, in 1958. He served in several positions in the company, including President and Chairman, until his retirement in 2000. Under his leadership, Hope promoted the work of many well-known hymnwriters and played a crucial role in the renewal of The Hymn Society. He was named a Fellow of The Hymn Society in 1990.

By becoming a member of the George H. Shorney Legacy Circle, you are demonstrating your belief in the work of The Hymn Society and The Center for Congregational Song and may in this way encourage others to offer their support. Please let us know if you have included The Hymn Society in your will and/or as the beneficiary of some other end-of-life gift as outlined above. You may contact us at or at (800) 843-4966 to let us know of your intention to become part of the George H. Shorney Legacy Circle or to request additional information.

We are grateful for those who have already become part of the George H. Shorney Legacy Circle by letting us know that they have included The Hymn Society in their end-of-life plans:

George Bell
Emily Brink, FHS
David Eicher, FHS
Nancy Faus, FHS
Gail Hanson
Michael Hawn, FHS
+ Amanda Husberg
Mary Nelson Keithahn
Richard Leach
Deborah Carlton Loftis, FHS
Margaret McCamant
J. Michael McMahon
+ David Nussmann
+ Curt Oliver
Joanne Reynolds
Paul Richardson, FHS, and Susan Richardson
John Thornburg, FHS
+ Mary Louise Van Dyke, FHS
+ Rae Whitney