The Hymn SocietyAnnual Conference

Why We Sing: The Song, The Singer, The Singing


This year’s Annual Conference will take place at Emory University in Atlanta, GA from July 12-16, 2020.


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2020 Conference VIPs


2:00 pmCheck-In Opens
4:00 pmOrgan Recital - Charlie FrostSponsor this Recital
5:30 pmDinner
7:30 pmOpening Hymn Festival - Tom Trenney: "Can We Sing the Darkness to Light?"Sponsored!
9:15 pmFirst Timers' ReceptionSponsor this Reception

Sunday's Special Event

First Timers' Reception

Join members of The Hymn Society’s Executive Committee and staff at a welcome reception. A brief introduction to the conference and The Hymn Society will be given so you can easily navigate the conference and quickly jump into enjoying The Hymn Society family.

7:00 amBreakfast
8:30 amMorning PrayerSponsored by Bill Pate
8:50 amWelcome & Announcements
9:15 amEmily Swan Perkins Plenary - Miriam Therese Winter MMSSponsored by Deborah Carlton Loftis, FHS
10:30 amRefreshment BreakSponsor this Break
10:45 amFeatured Session I - Tom Trenney "And May God Give Us Faith to Sing Always"Sponsor this Session
Featured Session II - Emerging Scholars ForumSponsor this Session
12:00 pmLunch
Lovelace Scholars LuncheonSponsor this Luncheon
1:30 pmSectionals I (8 Breakout Sessions)Sponsor a Sectional
2:45 pmRefreshment BreakSponsor this Break
3:00 pmOptional Outing to MLK CenterKing Center Website
5:30 pmDinner
7:30 pmHymn Festival - Kim Harris: "Song of Faith, Songs Of Freedom: African American Freedom Traditions"Sponsored by Charles Frost

Monday's Special Event

Lovelace Scholars Luncheon

All current and former Lovelace Scholars are invited to a private lunch held in their honor. Details on the location of the lunch will be included in the acceptance e-mail for the scholarship. Joining you will be leaders of The Hymn Society as well as all Fellows of The Hymn Society in attendance at this year’s conference.


Sponsor the Lovelace Luncheon by Clicking Here.

7:00 amBreakfast
8:30 amMorning PrayerSponsor this Prayer
8:50 amAnnouncements
9:00 amPlenary II - Donald SchellSponsor this Plenary
10:15 amRefreshment BreakSponsor this Break
10:30 amAnnual Business Meeting
12:00 pmLunch
Past President's Lunch
1:30 pmSectionals II (8 Breakout Sessions)Sponsor a Sectional
2:45 pmRefreshment BreakSponsor this Break
3:00 pmSectionals III (8 Breakout Sessions)Sponsor a Sectional
4:30 pmBreak
Circlesinging with Brian Hehn & Guest Youth Choir
5:30 pmDinner
7:30 pmHymn Festival - Saya Ojiri: "Known By God: New Expressions of Faith in Asia"Sponsored by Andreas and Tracy Teich

Tuesday's Special Event

Past President’s Lunch

If you are a past-president or former Executive Director of The Hymn Society, look for your reserved table. This is an important time for the current leadership to glean wisdom from this esteemed group.

7:00 amBreakfast
8:30 amMorning PrayerSponsor this Prayer
8:50 amAnnouncements
9:00 amPlenary III - Alisha Lola JonesSponsor this Plenary
10:30 amRefreshment BreakSponsor this Break
10:45 amFeatured Session III - Monique Ingalls "Musical Modes of Congregating: Rehabilitating a Socio-Musical Term for Twenty-First Century Christian Communities"Sponsor this Session
Featured Session IV - DJ Bulls "A Cappella Sunday: Resources and Ideas"Sponsor this Session
12:00 pmLunch
1:30 pmSectionals IV (8 Breakout Sessions)Sponsor a Sectional
2:45 pmRefreshment BreakSponsor this Break
3:00 pmSectionals V (8 Breakout Sessions)Sponsor a Sectional
4:30 pmBreak
5:30 pmDinner
7:30 pmFinal Hymn Festival - Diana Sanchez-Bushong: "Everything Old is New Again"Sponsor this Festival

7:00 amBreakfast
9:00 amCoffee & Hymn Study
10:00 amServe & Sing 1 - Classic Hymns & Classy People
10:00 amServe & Sing 2 - Packing Food & Singing with Friends

Optional Add-Ons

This year our official programming ends on Wednesday evening with the Wednesday Hymn Festival. If you would like to continue being in community and singing together on Thursday, we are offering paid add-ons geared towards fellowship and service.


The Two 10AM Sessions are designed to connect our song with the mission of the church.

  1. “Classic Hymns & Classy People” will be led by some Executive Board members as a time to sing some of the great hymns of the faith while we write cards to members and friends of The Hymn Society who couldn’t be with us due to personal and/or health reasons.
  2. “Packing Food & Singing with Friends” will be connected to a local church ministry to feed those in the Atlanta area who are hungry or food insecure. We’ll sing together while packing meals.


Emory University can be accessed by various means of transportation.


ATL, Atlanta’s airport, is the busiest in the world. It is the primary hub for Delta Airlines and has many flight options, wherever your point of origin. Once you arrive at the airport, you can get a shuttle, taxi, ride share (~$20-50), use public transportation, or rent a car to get to the campus.

If you wish to use public transportation, you have several options. First, take either the Red or Gold metro line Northbound from the airport. From there, you can:

  • Get off at the Lindbergh station and then take bus line 6 to Emory
  • Get off at the Midtown station and then take bus line 36 to Emory
  • Get off at the Five Points station and then take bus line 816 to Emory

All three options take slightly over an hour to get from the airport to campus.

Driving directions to Emory from ATL are as follows:

The airport is located in the southwest section of the city, approximately 25 minutes (without traffic) from the Emory University campus. Visitors driving from the airport should take I-85 North.

To Emory from Interstate 85 North, take exit 248-C, the Freedom Parkway exit. Cross Boulevard; continue on Freedom Parkway; veer left at split; continue until it ends at Ponce de Leon Avenue; then turn right. Off Ponce, turn left on Briarcliff Road. Go approximately 2 miles to North Decatur Road. Turn right and follow North Decatur Road one mile to the Oxford Road roundabout intersection at Emory Village. Enter campus through the Haygood-Hopkins Memorial Gateway.



Atlanta lies along Amtrak’s Crescent line, connecting New York to New Orleans. If you live along that corridor, you have a direct connection to the city! Other points of origin can also work with connections in other cities, but are longer trips. Book trips here. From Atlanta’s train station you can get a taxi, ride share (~$10-30), or take public transportation to get to campus.

For public transportation, after arriving at the station, walk to the 110 bus stop. Ride the 110 to Arts Center metro station. From there you have two options:

  • Take the Red or Gold line Northbound to the Lindbergh station and then take bus line 6 to Emory
  • Take the Red or Gold line Southbound to the Five Points station and then take bus line 816 to Emory

Each should take about 45-60 min to get to campus.



You can also drive to Emory if you wish.

From Nashville: about 4-5 hours via 24 East and 75 South.

From Charlotte: about 4 hours via 85 South.


Parking at Emory

Parking information can be found here.

Single Room: $220

Double Room: $175

Suite: $230


Most Single and Double rooms have a hall bathroom. Suites have an adjoining bathroom. There is a limited number of suites available.


While the majority of attendees stay on campus, there are also other options available:

1) There is a hotel on campus:
2) Courtyard by Marriott in Decatur, which is 1.5 miles from campus
3) Holiday Inn Express Atlanta, which is less than a mile from campus

The meal plan for conference is $175 and covers dinner on Sunday, July 12 through breakfast on Thursday, July 16.

**Monday dinner will be on your own if you choose the optional Monday outing to the MLK Center.

Early Bird Rates (register by March 15)

Member: $380

Non-Member (includes 1-year membership): $470

Student: $250

Participating Spouse: $270

Single Day: $160 each

Sponsorships are available at various levels:


Emily Swan Perkins Plenary: $2,500 Sponsored!

Plenary Address: $1,500 each

Hymn Festival: $1,200 each

Other Events – Receptions, Featured Sessions, and more…: $500, $750, & $1,000

Sectional: $250 each

Morning Prayer: $150 each


Corporate sponsorships are also available. If you are interested, please contact Courtney Murtaugh at


Sponsorships of other amounts are also gratefully accepted! Just make a donation and include a comment that the donation is for the Annual Conference.