As our world continues to change and become less predictable, the church’s song can be a source of healing and hope. But the ways in which we gather for worship and gather in song require new vision, new mechanisms, and creative thinking. Below is a list of resources (being continually updated) curated by The Hymn Society staff.



In early June, an ecumenical consultation led by United Methodist, Lutheran, and Episcopal liturgical scholars, medical experts, and in consultation with the CDC released a 36-page document entitled “Resuming Care-filled Worship and Sacramental Life During A Pandemic.” Este documento está también disponible en español.

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The same group gathered again to release guidance for the 2021 Holy Week and Easter seasons.

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A blog summary on 8-18-2020 of two recent COVID-19 & Music studies:

CCS Blog Post

The Center for Congregational Song published a post in June 2020 that highlights the section specifically pertaining to music-making.

CCS Post




CDC Updates

Johns Hopkins Updates

Providing factual updates to your members and friends can help save lives. Please make sure you do your part to fact-check any articles or sources you share about the pandemic. These two sites are some of the most trustworthy and fact-based places available.


Exhaled respiratory particles during singing and talking

A study to investigate aerosol and droplet emissions during singing, as compared to talking and breathing, that was published in September.



Hymns in Times of Crisis

Free downloadable collection of hymns and songs designed for singing in times of crisis. Provided by The Hymn Society.’s List’s “most popular hymns” list is a great place to find hymns and songs that have seen the saints of the past through many difficult times.


MMC’s Playlist

This playlist of songs has been specifically created to speak to congregations during this time by the organization Music That Makes Community.


Covid Carols

A collection of new texts (specific to the Covid-19 Pandemic) set to familiar Christmas Carol tunes. It’s for fun! It’s to bring joy and frivolity in this time of loneliness and hopelessness. Free to download and use.


Grief in the Time of Covid-19

A list of hymns and other resources gathered during our Zoom session on Tuesday, April 28 hosted by Ginny Chilton & Lindsay Smith.


Hymns for a Pandemic: A Brief Historical Introduction

Michael Hawn, FHS shares some background about specific hymns that were written during similar times in centuries past.


Movement songs with Ana Hernández

Our Tuesday gathering on June 9, in which Ana Hernández led out in singing various movement songs, was recorded and can be found here on our YouTube channel.


New Ideas for Music-Making During COVID-19

On Tuesday, June 16, members and friends of The Hymn Society gathered to discuss various possibilities regarding how we can worship differently during this time. Both the recording of that session and the document we compiled with ideas that were shared are available here.


Resources from Other Organizations’s Resource Page has some lists for selecting hymns, a new tool for helping churches and people worship at home during the pandemic, and more.


The Fellowship’s Resource Page

The Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts has provided a list of resources from their members and leaders. The list continues to be updated as new ideas and resources are provided.


PCUSA’s Covid Resource Page

The Presbyterian Church (USA)’s page provides many resources, including a list of live-streaming resources and tutorials, guidelines on the sacraments, and more.


Calvin Institute’s Covid Resource Page

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship’s resource page responding to COVID-19.


Duke’s Faith & Leadership Resources

Resources, Articles, and other helpful information from Duke Divinity’s “Faith and Leadership” website.


United Church of Canada’s Covid Resource Page

The United Church of Canada’s resource list with specific sections for youth and children’s ministries as well as online, streaming, and technology information.


Worship Matters Episode 10

John Thornburg, FHS is the guest for an episode of the podcast “Worship Matters.” He discusses his thoughts on what should be kept in mind as we face our return to gathering in person once more.


German Study about COVID-19 and Singing

This recent study examines the safety of singing during the pandemic. (Note: Page is in German, but has an option to translate into English)


Technology, Streaming, and Licenses

OneLicense Offers Free Licenses

One of the two major licensing/copyright companies is offering free licenses for church’s who don’t already hold a license to help offset the costs of moving online. Other resources and information about streaming and copyright is available on their site.


CCLI Offers Reduced Price Licenses

The other major licensing/copyright company, CCLI, is offering discounted prices on their streaming license in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. You can also see a webinar on streaming from OneLicense here.


Zoom Settings for Music

A 7-minute tutorial video on how to use Zoom for music-making. This is simple but importance information for any musician or worship service relying on the Zoom platform.


Live-Streaming Worship for Beginners

This basic blog will walk beginners through how to successfully live-stream their worship service.


Don’t Waste Your Livestream

Tips for making the most of live-streamed worship services to best connect with your congregation.


VLOG on Gear & Tech for Streaming

This short but helpful vlog (video blog) is a great tutorial on helpful gear and technology for live-streaming your worship service.