Hymns and Songs of Hospitality to Refugees and Immigrants – Free Collection

The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada is pleased to announce the release of Singing Welcome: Hymns and Songs of Hospitality to Refugees and Immigrants, a collection of 46 hymns and songs available for free download from The Hymn Society’s website (www.thehymnsociety.org) under the “Resources” section.

For nearly 100 years, the work of The Hymn Society has included the promotion and creation of new hymns that respond to contemporary circumstances, inviting communities of faith to respond through song. The current concerns surrounding refugees and immigrants have stimulated many such songs, and this collection brings together works in a variety of musical styles which address this important matter.

Singing Welcome was made possible by the generosity of the publishers, authors and composers who have graciously granted permission for use of any of the hymns and songs in the collection at no royalty cost for a period of two months. Beyond two months of usage, users must obtain copyright permission in the usual manner (via a copyright licensing service, or through other means).