The Women’s Sacred Music Project has collaborated with The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada to produce Resounding Voices, a new ecumenical and interfaith collection of hymns and songs that highlights and celebrates the creative work of women.

The Women’s Sacred Music Project was founded in 1995 by musician Lisa Neufeld Thomas and a group of women in Philadelphia who had taken note of the dearth of texts and tunes by women in the official hymnal of The Episcopal Church, Hymnal 1982. Their efforts, combined with the visionary support of The Rt. Rev. Allen Bartlett, led to the approval and publication of a hymnal supplement, Voices Found, in 2003.

This new collection, Resounding Voices, celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Voices Found and builds on its vision, adding many new works to the repertoire of hymns and songs by women. Additional background on the collection can be found in the extensive and thoughtful introduction by the Rev. Dr. Janet Wootton, former Executive President of The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Resounding Voices is now available as an online publication at The Hymn Society website. The 73 hymns and songs in the new collection are available for free download with limited permission for two months of free use. Complete information about copyright permissions may be found near the beginning of the collection.

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