Hymns In Times of Crisis

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Resource Description

When tragedy strikes, we often find ourselves at a loss for words to express our sorrow, rage, and helplessness. When a community needs to gather, congregational song can be a powerful force to help us express what we cannot articulate ourselves. It can be a healing, unifying force.

If your church community or a member of your community is experiencing a time of crisis due to death, natural disaster, family struggles, or any other time when singing these songs can help, The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada offers this resource of hymns with suggested tunes which can be useful at these times. The publishers, authors and composers have graciously granted permission for you to use any of the hymns in this collection at no royalty cost to you for 2 months following the crisis, and at any memorial or remembrance service held within 1 year of the event. These texts may also be used for personal devotions and group discussion. If your church is a member of OneLicense.net or CCLI, you are encouraged to report your usage there as you would customarily do.

John Ambrose

Rebecca Abbot
Lisa Hancock
Marilyn Haskel
Richard Leach
John Thornburg
Adam Tice