*Bold text pertains to The Hymn Society*



  • Gospel Pearls
  • Ninde, The Story of the American Hymn
  • Pratt, The Music of the Pilgrims 



  • The Hymn Society founded; first meeting January 19
  • First search, for a tune to set Farrington, “I know not how that Bethlehem’s Babe”



  • Chisholm, “Great is thy faithfulness”; Runyan, FAITHFULNESS



  • Baptist Standard Hymnal 
  • Reeves, The Hymn as Literature
  • First public meeting, March 31, Chantry of Grace Episcopal Church; 75 present
  • Louis F. Benson, Henry Burton, and Frank Mason North named first Honorary Members
  • THS begins distribution of a Bulletin prepared by Perkins
  • Founder Augustus S. Newman donates his library



  • Johnson, Johnson, and Brown, The Book of American Negro Spirituals 



  • New Baptist Hymnal
  • Katharine Lee Bates and John Finley Williamson named Honorary Members
  • THS petitions Congress to make “O beautiful for spacious skies” the national hymn



  • Henry van Dyke named Honorary Member
  • THS searches for “a hymn expressing the missionary enterprise of today”; the winning hymn is Tweedy, “Eternal God, whose power upholds”