*Bold text pertains to The Hymn Society*



  • International Songbook
  • The Presbyterian Hymnal
  • The Worshiping Church 
  • Glover, The Hymnal 1982 Companion 
  • Emily R. Brink becomes the first female President of The Hymn Society



  • The Baptist Hymnal
  • Hymnal Supplement 1991
  • Libro de Liturgia y Cantico
  • Songs and Prayers from Taizé
  • Acoustics for Liturgy; A Collection of Articles of The Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada
  • The Hymn Society provides a toll-free number: 1-800-THE-HYMN
  • Joint conference in Louvain, Belgium



  • Hymnal: A Worship Book
  • Voices
  • Adams, Handbook to The Baptist Hymnal
  • Precht, Lutheran Worship Hymnal Companion
  • Spencer, Black Hymnody
  • Holding in Trust: Hymns of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada
  • George R. Black becomes the first Canadian President of The Hymn Society



  • Zschech, “Shout to the Lord”
  • Costen, African-American Christian Worship
  • McKim, The Presbyterian Hymnal Companion
  • Young, Companion to The United Methodist Hymnal
  • Joint conference with the Canadian Liturgical Society



  • Catholic Book of Worship III
  • New Songs of Rejoicing
  • Amazing Grace: Hymn Texts for Devotional Use 



  • Chalice Hymnal
  • Global Songs–Local Voices
  • Moravian Book of Worship
  • The New Century Hymnal
  • Boyer, How Sweet the Sound
  • Joint conference with Choristers Guild



  • The A. M. E. Zion Bicentennial Hymnal
  • Global Praise 1 (2 in 2000; 3 in 2004)
  • Mil Voces para Celebrar
  • Thuma Mina
  • Voices United
  • Cyber Hymnal founded
  • The Book of Psalms 
  • Mitchell-Wallace, The Art and Craft of Playing Hymns, released on VHS
  • Hugh T. McElrath Fund for Hymnological Research established
  • W. Thomas Smith retires and Carl P. Daw, Jr., named Executive Director
  • Office moves to Boston University School of Theology



    • The Book of Praise
    • Unisono
    • Wonder, Love, and Praise
    • Watson, The English Hymn
    • McKellar, “A History of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, 1922-1997,” The Hymn, July 1997
    • Joint conference in York



    • Africa Praise Songbook
    • Common Ground
    • Common Praise [Canadian Anglican]
    • El Himnario
    • Sing Justice! Do Justice!
    • Brink and Polman, Psalter Hymn Handbook
    • Forman, The New Century Hymnal Companion
    • Temperly and others, The Hymn Tune Index
    • Wasson, Hymntune Index and Related Hymn Materials 



    • This Far by Faith
    • Together in Song
    • Website established
    • Annual Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, focuses on global hymnody
    • Patrick Matsikenyiri and Pablo Sosa named Honorary Members