Centennial History Supplemental Materials

The links below provide access to additional material related to A Calling and A Community: The Hymn Society, 1922-2021, by Paul A. Richardson, FHS.

Index of Names



Chapter 1

p.23 America the Beautiful
p.26 Rob Roy Peery’s Reminiscence
p.27 May Rowland’s Extended Membership

Chapter 2

p.35 Merrill’s Peace Hymns Sermon

Chapter 3

p.56 Celebrating Lowell Mason
p.63 Many Walks of Life
p.64 Juliette Graves Adams

Chapter 4

p.62 Thomas Tiplady
p.77 Hymn Searches 1953-1976
p.86 Fortieth Anniversary Photo
p.87 Other Hymn Publications
p.98 1976 Organization Study Summary

Chapter 5

p.103 Wittenberg University Office
p.104 “It was on a Friday morning”
p.107 Lovefeast and Singstunde
p.109 1979 Restated Objectives
p.114 Concertatos
p.115 Wren’s Prayer

Chapter 6

p.133 What Do We Do When We Sing Hymns?
p.140 Festival of Fellows
p.141 Libraries
p.145 Ring Shout
p.146 75 Years of Hymn Society Hymns

Chapter 7

p.153 Hymn Searches 2000-2012
p.157 The Old Is New / The New Is Old
p.165 La Gran Posada

Chapter 8

p.183 Envisioned Places
p.184 Hymn Searches 2013-2021
p.189 Testimonies of Fellows